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Grow With Us

It takes an unwavering level of dedication to build a foundation and culture, ripe for success. Pine Tree Equity believes in maintaining that culture, while working together to accelerate growth. We’re passionate and proactive partners, unafraid to get our hands dirty. We provide the capital, as well as bring to bear the broad range of experience and resources needed, without uprooting the strong foundation you’ve built. Grow with us.

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A foundation rooted in your

Small Businesses
Big Returns

We’ve steadfastly focused on the investment in and expansion of small service businesses with $10 to $50 million of revenue over the past 16 years because we’ve consistently generated outsized returns for our founders.

Family & Founder

We’ve exclusively partnered with entrepreneurial families and founders as we recognize the importance of their continued presence in growing businesses, and we know they share similar commitment and dedication to our own.


Just like you, we’re particular about who we partner with. We invest in only a few service businesses each year, which is an approach that allows us to actively and deliberately focus on immediately growing your businesses.

Success Rate

Our success rate over so many majority investments is a direct result of our ability to recognize opportunities with the right businesses at the right time, and more importantly, with the right founders. “It’s all about who.”


Small size doesn’t have to mean limited experience. Since our founding in 2007, we’ve built lasting businesses and strong partnerships via a cohesive and seasoned team of experienced investment and operations professionals.


First and foremost, we’re investors and partners, not agents or managers. We’re the largest investors in the funds; and as a result, we have a tremendous alignment of interests with our founders to whom we unfailingly deliver.

How we are

Our commitment and goals are aligned with yours and as your partner, we’re with you every step of the way to elevate your business to new heights.

Alignment of Interests
Certainty and Speed of Closing
Runway for Value Creation
Superior Returns, Consistent Track Record, No Losses
Narrow Small Business Focus and Concentrated Portfolio Approach
Core Focus on Service Businesses
Internal Operating Partners
Partnership with Founders
Flexibility in Structure

What Our Partners Say

“There are many parallels between sports and business. The more you plan and practice, painful though it is, the more you win. Working with Pine Tree is such a combination of both strategy and tactics that before the game even begins with them, you know you are going to win.”

Luis Izquierdo

CEO of Community Medical Group

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“Working with Pine Tree was always collaborative, not disruptive, and was always on only what matters most. Pine Tree is clear, honest, straightforward and to the point, with a well-focused approach on building what drives growth and value.”

Dr. Nelson Pichardo

CEO of InHealth MD

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“The way Pine Tree has performed to date is nothing short of incredible. We have almost quadrupled our footprint in the first 3 months of the partnership. Pine Tree’s work ethic matches or exceeds our own. They are true partners.”

Lee Stern

CEO of iCare Health Solutions

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“When I first met Pine Tree, I felt differently about them as I sensed they had more of a human approach, caring about the company and the people, and not just about the business and the numbers. They listened to what was important to us, and they made that work in the deal.”

Mark Hafner

CEO of Celtic Capital

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“Pine Tree has the innate ability to determine the founder’s strengths and weakness, and give the person exactly what they need to succeed. Pine Tree fills in where it’s needed, and not where it’s not, without any disruption to the company or the culture.”

Kevin Jackson

CEO of EnviroVac

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“I partnered with Pine Tree a second time to build CrossBridge Compliance because I trusted them, I liked them, and I believed in them in that they could drive me to achieve the same success we did the first time in Hi-Tech Testing.”

Jamie Davis

CEO of CrossBridge and Hi-Tech Testing

“As the founder of a national recruiting firm, my job required me to interact with candidates, clients and other professionals. It was necessary for me to be able to interview, have good insight, and to understand people. Our success depended upon it. I had a good read on Pine Tree from the start. After interviewing numerous investors, I knew that we would not be just another investment. As the largest investors in their fund, I knew that they were committed to our continued success and would spend the time necessary to help the business grow.”

Sandy Morris

CEO of Bradley Morris

Bradley Morris Inc logo

“When we partnered with Pine Tree, we wanted to continue to do what we already did well, but with broader experience and resources, and the resultant ability to grow at a much faster pace. Unlike most, Pine Tree followed through. We would never have gotten to where we are without them. As a result, I look at Pine Tree as part of the team and not an outside capital provider.”

Tim McCarthy

CEO of Annuity Health

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“Pine Tree is interested in building a great place with the best care, and not just focused on the economics of it all. They know that the economics will follow if we take care of the people. Moreover, Pine Tree is both patient and thoughtful. They are very methodical in how they approach problematic situations, while being highly engaged without being overbearing.”

Paul Auchterlonie

CEO of Paradigm Treatment

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“I have thoroughly enjoyed working with Pine Tree. The firm has fantastic ideas, and is full of people with character and integrity. Pine Tree has confidence in us, which in turn makes us more confident in ourselves. Pine Tree has trust in what we do, but has improved our practices and the way we go about our business. Most importantly, Pine Tree genuinely cares about the kids and their families.”

Kimberly Wallace

CEO of Spectrum of Hope

Spectrum of Hope logo with a sun illustration over the letter 'o' on Hope

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