Inspirational Headline

For Owners

You envision your business growing to new heights. We see your business towering above others. We understand what makes for an ideal partner.

Substantial Liquidity

We have the capital and experience to structure investments that provide owners with substantial liquidity, thereby converting their largest asset into cash and diversifying their net worth, while allowing them to retain a significant ownership position.

Conservative Capital Structure

We structure investments to ensure capital is readily available for profitable reinvestment for growth.

Operating Autonomy

We invest in situations where the current management retains day-to-day operating control of their business. We are active at the Board level and provide support in the areas of acquisitions, business strategy, financial planning, lender negotiations, recruiting, etc.

Meaningful Equity Participation

We believe that providing significant equity incentives for key members of management not only provides for a material “second bite” of the apple, but also aligns our interests and is an important driver of successful investments.

Financial Resources

We have the scalable financial and strategic resources necessary to help our portfolio companies execute on growth in sales and profitability internally (via new customers, markets or offerings) and externally (via acquisition of competitive or complementary businesses.)

We have been afforded the compliment of many former and current portfolio company executives investing alongside of us as a validation of our strong management partnerships and value creation skills.

Efficient Process

We know that owners have a business to operate, and we have deep transactional experience and strong professional relationships, which facilitate an organized and timely diligence, financing and closing process.

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