Pine Tree Equity Recapitalizes Atlantix Partners

Pine Tree Equity Recapitalizes Atlantix Partners

Pine Tree Equity IV, LP (“Pine Tree Equity”), a private equity firm based in Miami, FL, is pleased to announce that it has made an investment in Atlantix Partners LLC (“Atlantix” or the “Company”) in August 2022. The Company, founded in 2000 and headquartered in Fort Lauderdale, FL, is a leading provider of accounting and financial advisory services, providing comprehensive solutions to challenging issues facing chief financial officers in both privately held and publicly traded companies. For additional information, please visit

Atlantix operates primarily within the large and growing, non-discretionary accounting and financial advisory industry. The total addressable market for accounting and financial advisory in the United States is approximately $12.2 billion as of 2021 and growing in excess of 7.0% annually. The growth in market size is attributed to numerous factors including i) increasing penetration of cloud computing and automation for businesses of all sizes, ii) importance of data-driven decision making to thrive in competitive markets and iii) increasing complexity in financial reporting and analysis across industries and need for specialization.

Pine Tree Equity has made an investment in partnership with the founder who remains in operating control of the business. The capital will allow Atlantix to continue their exceptionally strong history of expanding their technology-enabled service offerings and servicing a greater array of customers in diverse end markets. Atlantix marks Pine Tree Equity’s 107th investment since Pine Tree Equity’s inception in 2007.

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Pine Tree Equity, based in Miami, FL, is a private equity firm focused on the investment in and expansion of small capitalization companies – with revenue of $10.0 million to $50.0 million – in partnership with management. For additional information, please visit or please call Jeff Settembrino at (305) 808-9820.

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