Pine Tree Equity Builds Leading Behavioral Platform

Pine Tree Equity Builds Leading Behavioral Platform

Pine Tree Equity IV, LP (“Pine Tree Equity”), a private equity firm based in Miami, FL, is pleased to announce that it has created Altior Healthcare (“Altior” or the “Company”), a leading behavioral health platform providing a continuum of care for adolescents and young adults suffering from mental health disorders such as anxiety, depression, eating disorders, grief, trauma and any number of other behavioral and mental health concerns. In addition, Pine Tree Equity has completed the acquisition of Ironwood Maine (“Ironwood”) in September 2021. Ironwood is a leading therapeutic boarding school for adolescents suffering from behavioral and emotional challenges. Pine Tree Equity has now made four acquisitions of residential behavioral health treatment and therapeutic boarding school businesses to build Altior.

With the addition of Ironwood, Altior now has 23 facilities in four states with over 250 beds across six different programs covering the continuum of care, from long term residential treatment for adolescents and young adults with more severe cases of the aforementioned disorders, to short term intensive residential treatment for adolescents and young adults with less severe cases of these same mental health disorders, to therapeutic boarding schools where adolescents receive heavy therapeutic treatment in a boarding school setting. The Company continues to measure its best in class outcomes through third parties  and has consistently achieved outstanding results, with significant reductions in anxiety, depression, stress and other scores at six month and one year intervals post treatment. Altior receives both in-network and out-of-network commercial insurance reimbursement as well as private pay.

Ironwood marks Pine Tree Equity’s 92nd investment since inception in 2007 (i.e., 30 platform and 62 add-on acquisitions). We are pleased to offer traditional referral fees for a closed transaction based on a signed fee agreement. For additional information, please call Roberto Canto at (305) 808-9820.



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