Pine Tree Equity Recapitalizes InHealth MD Alliance

Pine Tree Equity Recapitalizes InHealth MD Alliance

Pine Tree Equity III, LP (“Pine Tree Equity”), a private equity firm based in Miami, FL, is pleased to announce that it has recapitalized InHealth MD Alliance and Medical Home Alliance (together “InHealth” or the “Company”) in January 2016. The combined Company, founded in 2011 and headquartered in Davenport, FL, is a leading independent provider of primary care physician services primarily to Medicare eligible patients in Central Florida. The Company services Medicare members through a network of 13 medical centers in various counties in Central Florida. InHealth has seen significant growth in its patient base, which is expected to continue as the consolidating HMO market searches out managed care providers with the highest quality of care.

Pine Tree Equity has partnered with the founders of InHealth, Dr. Nelson Pichardo and Mrs. Patricia Pichardo, to add new health plan customers in both Medicare and Medicaid as well as to expand facility and physician capacity to capitalize on strong trends in the market for managed care services.  To this end and according to Marwood Advisory Group, a leading healthcare focused advisory and consulting group, the number of Medicare Advantage eligible patients will continue to increase between 6.0% to 8.0% per year over the next 10 years as “baby boomers” age into Medicare.  Given these trends and InHealth’s location in Florida, which has a Medicare population of almost 10.0% of the total Medicare population in the country, the value of the Company’s capacity to service such patients will be dramatically enhanced over time.

Moreover, Pine Tree’s successful prior investment in primary care physician services to Medicaid and Medicare eligible patients via Access Medical Holdings (DBA Community Medical Group) serves as a valuable roadmap to repeat success with InHealth in partnership with its founding entrepreneurs.  InHealth marks Pine Tree Equity’s 2nd investment in the primary care physician services industry and 31st investment since Pine Tree Equity’s inception in 2007.

We are pleased to offer traditional referral fees for a closed transaction based on a signed fee agreement.  For additional information, please call Jeff Settembrino at 305-808-9820.

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