Pine Tree Equity Partners
Capital for Samll Companies


Pine Tree Equity has a conservative and disciplined investment approach comprised of three principal elements:

  • Identify Attractive Businesses

    • Pine Tree Equity is focused on small capitalization companies with compelling fundamentals and talented management. We do not invest in capital intensive or research and development intensive businesses, "roll-ups" or "start-ups." Companies must have defensible positions in growing markets with predictable and stable cash flows from diversified customer bases. Such positions create the ability to acquire competitive or complementary businesses, alter the cost base of supplying key products and services, and achieve superior growth and profitability.

  • Partner with Talented Management

    • Pine Tree Equity partners with experienced managers who have a solid understanding of their business and a track record of revenue growth and operating profitability. We believe a key driver of continued success is the alignment of interests, and we work closely with management to set strategic goals and priorities and to help make key business decisions. As evidence of Pine Tree Equity's commitment to management teams, our investment team makes significant personal investments in every transaction.

    • Management teams have the freedom to operate their businesses autonomously to achieve their strategic plans, as we do not manage the day-to-day operations of portfolio companies. Rather, we provide the financial and strategic resources necessary to implement specific initiatives. We are focused on acquisitions and dispositions, cost savings and operating improvements, financial analysis and reporting, lender negotiations, management recruiting and incentives, and strategic planning; that is, areas in which we have substantial value-creation experience.

  • Structure Investments Appropriately

    • Pine Tree Equity’s goals when structuring investments are twofold: (i) to ensure that capital is readily available to management for profitable investment in order to grow their respective businesses; and (ii) to ensure that leverage, when used, is applied in a prudent and sensible manner that allows for a reasonable cushion.  We consider the operating characteristics of a business in designing the appropriate capital structure and believe that revenue growth and operating improvements, not leverage, drive exceptional returns.
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